lørdag 20. september 2014

24. september: Lana Trio spiller på Celeste

Wed 24.09 - 20.00
Celeste (Hamburgerstraße 18, 1050 Wien)
Entrance: 6 - 10 euros

Welcome to the first Lana trio appearance in Vienna!

The Norwegian jazz/improv trio are releasing their second album "Live in Japan" this autumn, and celebrating with a 16 date tour through Austria, England and Japan.

At Celeste, great double bassist Beate Wiesinger will appear as a special guest!

Sound and more info: www.lanatrio.com

"Lana Trio succeeds to harness its challenging, experimental flights, and the determined exploration of inventive new sounds and fresh forms of interplay into a cohesive, tough, loose, structure that surprisingly sounds engaging and accessible." - Eyal Hareuveni, All about jazz

"With their powerful music playing, Lana trio creates something wild, something that is alive. Through well defined order, these great players orchestrate chaos." - Culture is not your friend

"Lana trio continues to challenge all the way, but the music still feels accessible and is very entrancing." - Bergens tidende

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