tirsdag 9. september 2014

Norskspråklig barnevakt søkes

Hello...and first please accept my apologies for writing in English. I have some 'average' Norwegian skills, but this message is a little complex for my level, so I hope you don't mind me writing in English to be sure it is understandable!

We are a Scottish couple (originally from the Shetland Islands) who have just moved from Oslo to Vienna with our two daughters, aged 3 and 6 for a work project (probably 3-5 years). We hope to return to Norway after this project and don't want our daughters to lose the excellent Norwegian language skills they gained whilst we were living there - they are both fluent for their age but the youngest one is already losing it after just a few weeks :-(

We are searching for a Norwegian-speaking au pair to live with us in Vienna but if we don't manage to find this, a Norwegian babysitter would be a good start!

So, can you please put a note out to your members to see if they know anyone who might be willing to work with us in Vienna as an au pair? Or even just anyone interested in babysitting? Or do you have any suggestions for other groups/web-sites I could contact?

Even if your members don't know anyone in Vienna at the moment, they might perhaps know family or friends back home looking for a new challenge for a year (or longer)? We are happy to use a local au pair agency to formalise a contract if the candidate prefers it (sadly none of the agencies we have spoken to has any Norwegian-speaking au pairs).

We would really appreciate your help and any contacts you might have. 

Thank you in advance,
Karen Inkster & Trevor Moar.

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